Who we are:
We are ENABLD (enabldsecurity.com) and we run CYBERMARKETDC.COM. We’re Veterans – former intelligence officers with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’ve also helped build the Army’s Cyber Opposing Forces and US Cyber Command’s Cyber Mission Forces. 
As civilians, we’ve helped large health insurers, hedge funds, and other high value cyber targets stay safe from physical and cyber attacks. Check out more about us here.
Our former clients and bosses include leaders of one of the biggest hedge funds in the world and heads of the NSA and the DIA.  Helping them and combat commanders understand the technical capabilities in their toolkit to make life-or-death decisions – and then help them carry out those decisions – is our thing. We bring that experience to you to help you protect the people and data you care about most.

We think businesses, organizations, and non-profits large and small, are what truly make America great and we’re sick of malicious hackers taking advantage of them.
After talking to many business owners, we discovered that even though they’re aware of online threats, they remained unprotected because they had trouble finding companies that provided affordable cybersecurity services.
So we created CYBERMARKETDC.COM to make it easy to hire capable, straight-forward, and affordable companies to help protect the data you care about.

Questions or requests?
Email us any questions, recommendations, or feedback at contact@cybermarketdc.com