Primary Services

  • Penetration Testing
  • Awareness Training
  • Breach & Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Software Updating
  • Network Security & Setup
  • Malware/Virus Removal
  • Managed Security Services
  • File Sharing Security
  • Digital Forensics

Secondary Services

  • Data Storage Security
  • Data Backup
  • Data Destruction
  • Anti-Malware/Virus Setup
  • Compliance/Regulatory
  • Consulting & Program Development
  • Legal
  • CISO as a Service
  • Cyber Staffing
  • Insurance


    • Exigent IR with malware analysis
    • Three phases: Collect, Remove and Fix

We provide Forensic Investigations and Incident Response services for our customers in a remote or deployed capacity. The FIRM Edge program is the result of hands-on experience conducting Incident Response for our private sector and public sector customers in a time-sensitive and value-added approach for this service.

Our employees have conducted numerous Incident Responses and analyses of large profile events in the last 5 years, all of which enable us to provide a one-stop pool of professionals that are knowledgeable on digital evidence collection after a suspected incident has occurred. Our employees possess federal training experience dealing with incident response management and remediation and understand the need to secure and document digital evidence like a crime scene. We will objectively understand what has occurred and present an independent analysis of the information collected and analyzed.

    • Hybrid Whitebox/BlackBox PenTest
    • Designed to save time and mimic a real-world attacker
    • Assumed breach testing

CompSec Direct offers a value-added pentest (penetration test) we call Black SPIN: Systematic Penetration Inside Network. This form of hybrid vulnerability assessment/penetration test differs from our competitors based on our methodology and collective experience with IT systems within the private sector and federal government.

The testing is optimized to save your organization time, resources and money while allowing our team of professionals to work either in conjunction with your staff or against them, to validate current controls and procedures.

Our proven methodology towards Secure Network Infrastructure will allow us to conduct a successful Black SPIN validation against your current network environment. The testing will be limited to the areas you request to be verified. We will not deny your employees and clients network services while conducting our tests unless you explicitly state that is desired during testing.

After conducting our Black SPIN assessment, we will provide your company with a comprehensive report that states the methods used to breach your current security set-up and provide you with recommendations to prevent similar attacks and vulnerabilities in the future.

  • SYSTEMS AUDITING/HARDENING  (Proactive Response)
    • Implementation of cyber hygiene, DR (Data Recovery) testing
    • Integration with automated alerting and mitigation

We have been able to find intrusion methods and applications used by malicious actors as the result of the FIRM Edge program before an intrusion, breach or malware event has occurred. We offer our customers and future customers a free sign-up kit that reduces the paper-work involved in performing incident response.

Even though you may not need it today, we cannot stress just how much time can pass between selecting an incident response company, negotiating fees, signing NDA’s and executing a contract. Because time is of the essence during incident response, you need to select a pool of companies that can provide this service within hours and not days.

    • Look for existing vulnerabilities
    • Fix and reduce risk

Our company has been in the business of vulnerability assessments and systems hardening since Day 1. The difference between our VARS and other companies is how we incorporate our customers into the process alongside industry experts to ensure that any vulnerabilities and threats detected during testing are remediated.

We will recommend the most affordable, best-course of action for our customers to ensure that security is improved the moment we begin identifying and notifying possible areas of attack.

    • Spearphishing and physical breach of locations.

CompSec Direct offers a unique service we call PsyCo Edge. This is our version of Physical Penetration in conjunction with coordinated Social Engineering efforts. Our experienced team of Deployed “breachers” will not only attempt to circumvent physical controls in your organization, but we will do so after using Social Engineering to help our staff be successful in doing so. T

he PsyCo Edge program also allows us to run phishing or whaling campaigns against your employees to see how well they retain and implement operational security on a day to day basis.

The campaigns and breach events conducted in PsyCo Edge can be custom fitted to only influence certain strategic entry points based on your security awareness needs. The limit of what we can do with the program is in-depth and extremely well thought out. Many of our competitors attempt to do social engineering as a last-minute ditch effort during “failed” penetration tests. We carefully study our approach and get your employees to do what we want them to do… for us.

    • Emulate malicious user, understand exposure

CompSec Direct offers an Insider Advantage Program, designed to mimic the effects of malicious employees in your workplaces. We estimate that 70% of all data theft is done by Insiders in your Company. We cannot refute that your employees and partners are largely responsible for the majority of theft in the workplace:

• Intellectual property (IP) • Financial records • Employee or customer information (PII)

We will help you safeguard your assets against the most common threat factor, your employees with our Insider Advantage Program. The program allows one of our employees to obtains user-level accounts as any user you wish and allows us to show you what information they may be able to access once inside the network.

Time and Time again, CompSec Direct has seen how disgruntled or needy employees wipe out file servers, copy client information and give them to competitors, or even hold information for ransom.

CompSec Direct can establish access controls to help minimize the possibility of these common incidents. We will determine what information you have that could be valuable to others and safeguard this information from employees and would-be intruders that do not need access to this information. Our comprehensive approach to Secure Network Infrastructure will allow you to plan and prevent these malicious events from occurring.

    •  KLEARED4
      • Persistent Cyber Operational Environment (PCOE)
      • Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE)
      • Range as a Service (RaaS)
      • IaaS Cyber Range platform
      • Used for operational and training environments
      • Permits hybrid cloud creation
      • Works with physical devices; USB, printers, cameras
      • Allows remote control of systems over web-browser

We provide Cyber Range-as-a-Service (RaaS) for our government and private sector customers. We have developed a sustainable commercial platform that can immediately augment your staff abilities to: • train • develop • and operate

remote resources on the commercial internet without the need for 3rd party software. Our platform called KLEARED4 allows you to create virtual machines on Amazon Web Services, Azure and VMware and interact with them over any modern web-browser; without having to install a VPN or 3rd party applications.

We have created an ecosystem where your organization does not need to invest in purchasing equipment and can create simple or complex network designs in minutes. Past-uses of this solution evolved from DoD space into a fully functional commercial range offering with limitless capabilities.

      • Harden local systems, identification of key business applications
      • Designed to Migrate, Backup and centralize data and permissions

The IT battlefield constantly changes. Hacking as a business has evolved beyond defacement and corporate espionage into a profitable ransom business model. Our staff is trained in providing and implementing preventative measures to limit or deny the effects of ransomware in your organization by understanding your current environment and resources.Our background in disaster recovery and systems hardening allows us to convert strategic security goals into feasible tactical solutions to prevent ransomware from disrupting your business operations.

      • Develop hunting capability for organizations
      • Train, implement a solution with additional staff

Hunt is our ability to find malicious activity in your networks by actively analyzing how your company’s employees, IT assets and the exposure from the Internet. We offer a subscription-based service for continuous hunting operations for our customers and are confident your company will immediately gain better insight into your networks and are so sure your organization will benefit from the service.


“CompSec Direct is a C4ISR firm primarily focused on CNO development, response services and managed services.

Our services and products are eligible for a Maryland tax credit as Qualified Maryland Cybersecurity Sellers (QMCS).

We are a SDVOSB, MBE, Buy Maryland Cyber qualified organization seeking to provide existing services to help SMBs by making services more affordable as we protect those organizations. We have past performances with SMB’s since 2004.

We teach customers the importance of cybersecurity and how it can manifest itself in their environment and integrate best practices with a customer-driven mentality.”



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