Primary Services

  • Digital Forensics
  • Malware / Virus Removal
  • Penetration Testing
  • Threat Hunt (prebreach)
  • Code Review (static)


  • DIGITAL FORENSICS: Our Department of Defense (DoD) certified forensic examiners have over 20 years experience and provide very detailed and methodical examinations and reporting.
  • MALWARE/VIRUS REMOVAL: Our analysts have over 20 years experience with eradication of malware, viruses and ransomware.
  • PENETRATION TESTING: Our Penetration testing services are conducted from the mind of the attacker; we start gathering data in order to craft a specific phishing campaign and work our way into the network from the weakest link (the employee).
  • THREAT HUNT (prebreach): Our threat hunting program utilizes active directory to survey each host connected to the domain controller providing a snapshot in time in order to compare with our software reputation database.
  • CODE REVIEW (static): Our code review process will help find security flaws within the code implementation to help protect your code upon initial release.
    • CONTINUOUS MONITORING – Vulnerability detection and Security Configuration Assessment (Compliance): Our continuous monitoring solution is managed by security and network analysts with over 20 years experience finding and reporting on vulnerabilities and compliance related anomalies.
    • PHISHING (TRAINING) CAMPAIGNS: Our phishing campaigns are created to leverage current events and security issues that are causing the most havoc when it comes to employees clicking a link, which can lead to further compromise of an organization’s network


“DotSlash Security, LLC is here to make managing and paying for cybersecurity services as easy as possible. We offer solutions to an ever-changing network landscape in need of continuous monitoring. We provide services and expertise to find and eradicate that next cyber threat. We offer reporting to show detected vulnerabilities and security assessments documenting compliance failures resulting in a final report that will help mitigate vulnerabilities and provide compliance recommendations.”



Compliance / Regulatory

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