Primary Services

  • Consulting & Program Development

Secondary Services

  • User Access Management
  • File Sharing Security
  • Data Backup
  • Data Destruction


    • LICENSE USE ASSESSMENT: Purchasing software, hardware and IT support requires time and sound management to ensure you adhere to the budget while at the same time meet the requirements of the organization. We have found that often times there are multiple applications that perform the same tasks or that there are rogue software licenses for users that are no longer performing the tasks that require the applications. In most cases we end up finding thousands of dollars per year in savings.
    • IT/BUSINESS ALIGNMENT: Our C-Lens support services will collaborate with and advise executives of small and mid-sized organizations on ways to formulate strategic IT goals, plan IT budgets, analyze and restructure business processes help facilitate technology changes and set up a reporting structure that enables C-level Executives to understand what their IT function is doing for the organization.
    • PERSONNEL & MSP (Managed Service Provider) MANAGEMENT: We help you create job descriptions, hire personnel, mentor personnel, set goals for personnel and manage MSP relationships.
    • ONGOING STRATEGIC ADVICE: We help you on specific projects, vendor management or general advice on a monthly or quarterly basis.


“Our mission at SOAR is to help organizations See, Own, Articulate and Release their unique mission to the world. Our IT offering helps with the Release part of our mission by making sure the organization’s IT function gets from a Reactive phase to an Innovative phase.”


  • “Mali and her team were incredible. Over the years I have hired several marketing and branding professionals, none have come close to providing what Mali did for me. She works in a unique way to glean important aspects of ones self. So much so that there were things she uncovered that I never realized I had passion for. Her work is meticulous, well researched, with a bit of intuitive knowing that creates a mind map of your brand. I’m overjoyed with the results of Mali’s work and can confidently say I will use the results to now go do my real work in the world. Thank you Mali and SOAR .”  Tracy G., US Medical Science Liaison Director at cancer diagnostics firm
  • “I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with Mali and her team at the SOAR Community Network. Having her join me during the discovery phase of my entrepreneurship journey had been nothing short of enlightening and transformative. Through our conversations that occurred very naturally during her processes, she helped me see the essence of my business and more importantly, the purpose and passions that fuel me in life. I walked away from each session greatly encouraged and recharged with a deep sense of hope. Not only did she help me find my voice, she also gave me words and inspire courage to articulate my vision. For anyone who is in need of the roadmap or North Star to his/her business, I highly recommend Mali and her team.”  Alexis C., Owner and Creative Strategist


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