DHS CISA / US-CERT: Resources for Small and Midsize Businesses
Identity Theft Resource Center: Strong Passwords
Center for Internet Security (CIS): Cybersecurity Tools; Cybersecurity Best Practices
Small Business Administration (SBA): Top Ten Cybersecurity Tips; Top Tools and Resources for Small Business Owners;
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): Small Business Cybersecurity Corner; Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Small Business Owners; Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals; DFARS Compliance Guide
Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Cybersecurity for Small Business; Cybersecurity Basics; Cybersecurity Basics – Video; Online Security; Best Practices Video; Physical Security; Start with Security: A Guide for Business; Guide for Employers; NIST Framework Guide
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council: Homepage; Approved Scanning Vendors; PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs); PCI Validated Payment Applications; PCI Validated PIN Entry Devices; Compliance Guidance; Visa Compliance Guidance; American Express Compliance Guidance
National Realtors Association: Data Security & Privacy Toolkit
UK – National Cyber Security Centre: Tips & Guidelines for Small-Medium Businesses
SIFMA (Financial): Data Protection Principles; Third Party Risk Management; Best Practices for Insider Threats [Guide]; Cyber and Operational Resilience Table Top Exercises; Financial Services Sector Cybersecurity Profile; Guidance for Small Firms; International Cybersecurity, Data and Technology Principles
Citizen Lab: Awareness & Security Tips & Tools
Malwarebytes: Cybersecurity basics
National Cybersecurity Society: Small Business Tips; Small Business Risk Assessment; Data Mapping; Small Business How-To Guides
GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit: Know What You Have [Asset Identification]; Update Your Defenses [Software Updates, Encryption, Security Settings, Website Security]; Beyond Simple Passwords [Password & 2-Factor Authentication Tips]; Prevent Phishing & Viruses; Protect Your Brand [Email & Reputation Defense]; Small Business Cybersecurity Program Worksheet
FCC: Cyber Planner
CERT – Build Security In [Secure Development]: Business Case Models; Attack Pattern Glossary; Attack Pattern
SANS: Protecting Healthcare Guide (Poster); Security Awareness Roadmap
Carnegie Mellon: OCTAVE Cyber Risk Framework
National Council of Nonprofits: Non-Profit Guide
GDPR: Regulation Guidance
HIPAA: Regulation Guidance; Cybersecurity Guide
US CERT: Cybersecurity Resources Road Map; Assessments: Cyber Resilience Review (CRR)
US Chamber of Commerce: “Internet Security Essentials for Business 2.0” [Guide]
Microsoft: Non-Profit Guidelines